A full service travel agency dedicated to meeting the travel goals both personal and professional of every member in the community.

A community festival meant to educate, celebrate and articulate the contributions of those that make up the African Diaspora.  

​BWSAZ Sub-Divisions

For those youth who are looking for more than the classroom setting for education.  Created for ages 7 to 17, this group will have hands on experience in careers, technology, arts, management, marketing, and personal finance. 


BWSAZ Travel Services

BWSAZ Veteran's Services

  • We perform economic soundness
  • We understand the significance of business creation and it's expansion state wide.
  • ​We connect central ideas and methodologies state wide
  • ​We create opportunities to foster growth and development of businesses
  • ​We create statewide programs, workshops and collaborations
  • ​We work toward building a virtual global wall street
  • ​We partner with community agencies who promote the advancement of our youth through education, mentoring, and career development
  • ​We provide incentives and an understanding of the importance of investing to create generational wealth
  • ​We facilitate training programs for youth for political posts, boards of directors and educators
  • ​​We offer low cost travel services to members of the community
  • We provide major land investment opportunities
  • We provide a platform for speakers and workshop facilitators statewide
  • We implement community programs that highlight cultural diversity through food, music, song, dance and communication
  • ​We offer a targeted solution based seminar series which focuses on specific topics which impact individuals and communities as a whole
  • ​​We provide an information and referral services specifically for veterans both active and non-active
  • ​We provide a platform for individuals to guide from an historical standpoint of concerns and ills of our communities


BWSAZ Investments

Dedicated to providing information on veterans benefits to include, housing, small business loans, and health.  This also includes an information and referral service

A platform for those trailblazers in the community to share their knowledge, expertise, and contacts with the younger generation for the greatness of the community. 


Dedicated to educating people on economic growth, business, civics, and finances through workshops, syposiums, and one on one consulting. A place where community both political and non political can come and educate each other on concerns of local communities and individuals that live work and play in certain districts. 

BWSAZ Youth Educational Services (Y.E.S.)

We are a Federally designated 501(c)3 non-profit agency devoted to the concept of implementing a multifaceted holistic approach to uplifting communities  who have historically under-served and under-utilized and void of ownership and economic proliferation.  

An opportunity for small investors to come together and carve out a large piece of land for redevelopment.  

BWSAZ Power Series



BWSAZ Academy

Designed to implement a holistic structure of placing building blocks of people, families, and communities showcase a positive picture that yes we can if we all do.  This is a solution based series in which people will learn skills to take back to their individual families and communities. 

A place where community members can buy gold and understand the concept of investing in minerals, precious metals and stocks. 


BWSAZ Council Of Elder's